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Pixel Voxel Pack

Create your own pixel-art orthogonal voxel-based game* with the largest pack I've ever released so far.


  • CC-0 License.
  • Uses the PICO-8 palette (CC-0).
  • 16 Different block types with each 60 tiles for a total of 960 tiles.
  • Character with 4-frame walking animation for 4 directions.
  • 11 Furniture tiles: Beds, chairs, tables, closet and drawer.
  • 8 "Portal" tiles for doors and staircases.
  • Auto-tile code example in JS.
*2D orthogonal game made out of blocks like this.
Published Feb 25, 2017
Tags2D, 8, building, Open World, pixel, sprit, Voxel


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Pixel Voxel Pack 38 kB


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Very good point. What would your suggestion be for a license that allows the buyer to use the assets but not distribute them as assets? I'm having a hard time finding the right license to use.

Well, you could just write your own (don't need a lawyer, just a clear set of rules). I don't know of an existing one doesn't allow being distributed as assets, but you could avoid many of the problems with CC0 by switching to CC-By or OGA-By (the same thing but without the anti-drm clause).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't voxels cubic on a 3d plane? Are these tiles set to change automatically upon some sort of change of camera angle or is this just a 2d pixel art tileset?

While it is just a tileset it is suited to autotile in a voxel based world as in, a 3D world made out of blocks but rendered 2D if that makes sense.